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Rev. Carol McKinley
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     Services begin at 10:30am

Asbury and West United Church

Our Mission Statement

We are a diverse community of Christians, called by God, who seek to make a positive difference in the lives of those who live in Bathurst and Lawrence neighbourhood and beyond.


Renovation has Come!

Some people change when they see the Light ... Others when they feel the Heat!

This is an exciting and challenging time for Asbury and West United Church! Our congregation can trace its history back to 1812. During the past 200 years, we have made significant changes to our church buildings to meet the changing needs of the congregation and the neighbourhood that we serve. Now in 2014 we are continuing, yet again, to make changes ...

Church Building
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Asbury and West's building and property has undergone major structural changes that started mid-year 2011.

The Changes that are taking Place

Welcome to Asbury and West United Church

Sunday worship begins at 10:30 A.M.

There is Sunday school for children ages 3- 12 years old. All are welcome.

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